Camphill Mearns

In 2006 a friend and supporter of Milltown gave the community a very substantial gift of money. This meant that it was possible to buy the land and buildings that Milltown had previously rented from the Arbuthnott Estate. In addition we were able to buy part of the adjoining field.

At this point a group of people made up of friends, supporters and members of the community took the initiative to form a new charity and limited company, which is called Camphill Mearns. This new company became the owner of the property and now rents the buildings to Milltown Houses and the Day Workshop. Camphill Mearns is able to use the money from the rent to maintain and improve the existing buildings and to make possible new developments at Milltown. Some new developments are already underway, and you can read about these below.

Camphill Mearns was formed primarily to further the development of the services and facilities at Milltown. However, it also aims to work with, and support, other initiatives of a similar nature that share a common commitment to furthering the work of Camphill.


Charity No: SCO37066 | A limited company no: 295088.
Registered Office: Johnstone House, Rose St. Aberdeen. 

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