Woodwork Catalogue

About five years ago , visitors came to Milltown and began to enquire if we could make some wooden garden products for their individual needs.

We seized upon this opportunity to provide locals with individually made custom products , made to often their own design and specification , finish and colour.

Originally from a small woodwork shed , this "cottage industry" has now grown into a well established woodwork and craft outlet, and recently a large purpose workshop has been built to promote all manner of crafts and woodwork. There is now not a week goes by without an order being placed. These simple and humble beginnings have grown into an important and integral part of the community here , with so many of our clients involved in the process of building , constructing , sanding , painting , staining, and assembly of our full range of products , which are currently of being included into our Woodwork Catalogue.

Whether you have a product in mind , want some ideas , have a sketch on a piece of paper or have seen something similar, please call in and discuss it with us. We like a challenge here at Milltown and would relish the task of making simple individual items for the local community.

Alternatively select an item from the catalogue and we we inform you of the price and likely completion time, and if it is too bulky to uplift we can deliver ( but only on a fairly local basis ).

Our products often involve recycled wood , and we make an effort not to make two items exactly the same , as our clients are individuals , so our products should be. Thus from concept to completion , the ethos of the community and our clients abilities , remain paramount.

Our product range now include bird nest boxes , bird feeders , birdtables , house signs and numbers , garden benches, seats , tables, saw horses , craftwork of all types and much more. We also make a wide variety of custom orders and never say never...............

Please Select any of our stock catalogue items below :

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