Home Life

Milltown House is home to four people with learning disabilities, and one or two co-workers. We also have some employed coworkers who come in during the day to work with us in vital support roles.
Peesie's Knapp, our new house, provides supported living to two tenants and is also home to two families and room for one co-worker.

We try our best to create a homely atmosphere where people feel safe and supported but we also try and see that people learn new skills and develop new abilities. However, everybody is different and some of the people who live here are getting older and need more help as the years go by. We have a very personal approach so that we can meet the needs of each person, and we can make sure that each person feels valued and appreciated.

We share our life in the houses together, so everybody helps out with the house jobs, preparing meals, the washing-up, the laundry and the shopping. We have fun celebrating people’s birthdays and we also celebrate the seasonal festivals. Four of the residents and one of the tenants work in our Day Workshop a few days a week. On the other days they work at home or may go shopping for themselves, go the library, go to an art class or just to a café. At different times we go out to plays and concerts and also for outings to the beach or into the countryside.

There is plenty of space around the houses; we have a beautiful gardens, lawns, a ponds and flowerbeds. We spend time here relaxing or playing on the swings and the trampoline. We also have three small fields where we keep sheep, shetland ponies , hens and pigs.

We have built an extension to Milltown House that will give us more space so that we can provide en-suite bedrooms for residents who need more care and support, and a vibrant new office area.

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