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The Milltown Day Workshop garden started in 1998 to introduce further meaningful activities for our workers. Everybody able enough to hold a hammer joined into building a large greenhouse adjoining the workshop building. Initially we were growing vegetables in the garden but realized quickly the benefits of growing a wide range of annual bedding plants and perennials with our main focus on growing fuchsias.

Over the past few years we sold our plants at a number of local events in Stonehaven, Catterline, Laurencekirk the Mill of Benholm and Glenbervie. For the first time we made a conscious approach to go out into the local community to advertise what we were doing and what we are about. This gave the gardeners the experience that people value the work they have done, which is an absolutely fundamental part of the approach of the Day Workshop. And for the workshop itself it was seen as a good public relation exercise.

Over the years we noticed that there were also clear disadvantages of selling plants locally. Many Plant Sales were at weekends and so worker involvement was limited. Also a lot of our sales were extremely busy and our workers found it overwhelming. But the biggest challenge was getting the plants back and forth to the sales.

Taking all those disadvantages into consideration we decided to invest our energy into creating a garden sales outlet here in Milltown and to sell plants directly from here. It would allow our workers to be fully involved and give them the opportunity to experience the social interaction in our relaxed setting. It will also raise Milltown’s profile in the local community.

After a big fundraising effort we were able to purchase a 250sqm greenhouse allowing us to increase the range of garden work because we will be able to grow a wider range of plants and by careful selection of varieties extend the garden-work season. As we also more then doubled our area under glass we can work now in a more relaxed improved way and so offering a higher quality of work.

The coming season will be the start of this new exciting development and its not just horticultural qualities which are needed to see us off to a good start. Most of the hard landscaping has been done, we have erected a wooden sales outlet, now we are building large cold frames and have already installed an irrigation system and a large water tank just to mention a few.

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