Tools for Self Reliance

One of our most popular activities is restoring hand tools. We restore, clean and sharpen them and they are then sent to Africa to community groups of artisans. There are about 90 tools in each kit we send away, selected to provide a balance that can be used by groups or individuals, to do a wide range of joinery or building jobs.

This work varies widely in terms of skills from basic cleaning with sandpaper and wire brushes to using the grit blaster and sharpening saws. There is plenty of work, everyone can get involved and it is a very satisfying activity !

The tool kits are sent to Africa through our partner charities Tools for Self Reliance and the Global Concerns Trust. The latter is a new development for us, funded by the Scottish Government through its International Development Fund. All these tools are going to Malawi to schools and to projects for adults with disabilities.

Click here to visit Tools for Self Reliance's website for more info

Have some tools you'd like to get rid of?

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The day workshop team with a Joinery Kit ready for shipment to Malawi

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